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Last Updated: 2019-09-12

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.
– Marketo

Outbound vs Inbound Lead Generation

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two using some statistics.

Represents a Prospect with No Interest in Buying Your Product or Services

Represents a Prospect that is Ready to Buy or has Interest in Buying

0 %
of customers are ready or poised to buy1


Outreach is done by the marketer to random potential prospects through direct mediums such as cold calling, email blasts, direct messaging, print media, TV, radio, billboards, banners, popup, etc.

  • Begins with the marketer reaching out directly to potential prospects, with the prospects knowing little or nothing about the company
  • "Traditional" and "spray and pray" mass outreach approach of reaching prospects


Outreach is done by the potential prospects that have been attracted to contact the marketer through mediums like website visit, landing pages, email signups, trial offers, social media, seo, and blog posts.

  • Starts out with the potential prospect reaching out directly to marketer after learning about the company and what they offer
  • Targeted outreach to those that are interested or are in need of your products or services

From Hubspot, we know about 44% of consumer are either ready or have the potential to buy.  An outbound approach would target 100% of the audience including those that are not ready to buy. A targeted inbound approach on the other hand would only attract those that have an interest in purchasing and interest in the products or services you offer.

Pros vs Cons


  • Builds awareness for your company to the masses
  • Potential to turn non-buyers into future prospects by attracting new markets
  • Approach can be more personal due to direct contact with prospects
  • Prospects are less likely to have searched your competitors
  • Much more expensive in the long run
  • Most outbound outreach is not measurable, so effectiveness is not fully quantifiable
  • Interruption based - advertising that interrupts the flow of your day to day or flow of your media consumption​


  • Much more targeted approach where potential prospects reach out first gives the leads more validity and have a higher probability to convert. with conversations becoming long term customers
  • Permission based (non-invasive) - prospects voluntarily contact you first after gathering interest from content we create
  • Proven to cost less per lead but initially more expensive to advertise
  • Much more quantifiable as there are tools to track potential client movements and interactions with mediums that suits their interests or needs like cookies, Facebook pixels, and Google Analytics
  • No brand building or awareness to a mass audience
  • Competition can be high

The Importance of Targeting Locally for Inbound Lead Generation

0 %
of customers visit or contact a business within 5 miles of a local search1
0 %
of local searches result in a purchase or inquiry1

Location plays a major role in where your potential customers have actionable events, especially for services. Imagine if you were given only the leads of potential customers that were local and ready to take action.  How much more revenue could you generate? Our expertise lies in attracting these highly qualified leads to your business.

Why We Take a Local Targeted Inbound Approach to Lead Generation?

An inbound targeted approach has been proven to cost 61% lower per lead1 with much higher quality leads and higher retention of conversions. That’s 39% less manpower and money wasted. That doesn’t include the time and energy spent on obtaining the outbound leads. In fact, sales reps waste 27.3% of their time (546 hours on average a year) conducting inefficient lead generation programs without the proper data2, and taking at least 18 calls to connect to a cold prospect with call back rates below 1%1.
How much time and money are you wasting chasing cold leads?

Get More Out of Your Leads with Email Marketing

  • 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase in the last 12 months based on a promotional email3
  • Remarketing emails can generate nearly 4 times more revenue and 18 times greater net profits compared with marketing using simply untargeted mailings4

The Rule of Seven is an old adage in marketing that says that it takes a prospect to see a marketing message seven times before taking action or making a purchase. The number of times is not set in stone and has changed with the invention of the internet and how companies market digitally.

Given the fact that we can target a segment of the population that has interest in the products and services you offer, some may not buy right away, but with a steady stream of email promotions, you can turn more of those hard earned leads into eventual customers. 

Other Ways to Improve Lead Conversions

  • 81% of all propects do online research before making a purchase5
  • 51% of purchases are made through visiting a social network first5 with 88% of consumers saying they would not do business with a company that doesn't respond to social media complaints6
  • Mobile friendly websites are important, 40% of customers use their phones to conduct research7 and 70% of mobile searches lead to action within the hour8
  • 67% of consumers admit to "digital window shopping" on their phones with 77% of those making an impluse buy9

To fully take advantage of any of the leads that come your way, you need to make sure you have a complete internet ecosystem running efficiently. Make sure your website is updated to modern standards with correct information and most importantly, it is mobile friendly. 

The trend continues to show that people are using their phones more and more to conduct their business and make their purchases. We also recommend having a social media presence. People are social media platforms to make customer service inquiries and to learn more about companies.

Capgemini, a leading consulting firm, found that 80% of people are willing to pay up for products and services for a better customer experience. It is important to have multiple avenues for customers to contact you.

Our Approach to Lead Generation

Our methodologies have been tried and true with over 7 years of tweaking to attract the right traffic and audience for our businesses. Our strategy is constantly evolving to keep up with changes in the digital advertising landscape and is tweaked to adapt each industry’s needs. Using industry specific research coupled with our expertise in analytics and pattern recognition, we generate leads that are superior in quality while being as efficient as possible with our time and your money.

While our focus is on obtaining high quality leads, our experience lends itself to helping you improve your entire digital footprint (see our services section to learn more). Our ultimate goal is to give you the best chance to grow your business and drive revenue. Let us be the lead generation wing of your company.

0 Note: Unless notated, all statistics and data found on this page are taken from Hubspot
1 Hubspot
2 Ring Lead
3 Convince and Convert
4 Forrester Research
5 V12 Data

6 Conversocial
7 Google
8 Forbes
9 Paypal

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