What is the difference between a Landing Page and a Home Page

If you have been doing some digital marketing for yourself or others, you might have heard of term “landing pages”. Landing pages differ a lot from a regular home page with different purposes.

What is the main purpose of a landing page and a home page?

If you have ever browsed any website you have landed on a home page. It more informational about a company, what they do, or what they sell. It is meant to entice you to browse around to learn more about to company and the products and services they offer.

Landing pages on the other hand are built to do one thing, sell sell sell or contact contact contact. The main goal is about informing customers about products and services, offer promos, and have a specific call to action. They call to action is either to buy a product or sign up for services. Usually some sort off promotion is included for them to do so.

In our example below, the call to action is to have them fill out the lead form. Notice no header! Having great landing pages, a home page, and great reviews can go along way to increasing revenue.

Where are all the links and content?

Landing pages are built out specifically catered to the audience you are trying to sell to. Once they land, you don’t want to them to leave that page until they have gone through the whole page. Some companies leave links in the footer, others don’t have any links at all. You may see some social media icons but generally, you will never see a header with navigation menus.

We like to think of it as you being hungry for some Chicago deep dish pizza, and you find an island in the middle of the Pacific that has only the best deep dish around. You take a plane and land on that island, but there is no way to leave (no boats) outside of your own plane.

What is better?

We always say it depends on what you’re selling and who you are selling to but we recommend having both. Some companies have their home page as a landing page which is fine if your purpose is just to sell and not trying to build a brand around the company. Some companies just want sales but we highly recommend having a homepage for your main site and plethora of landing pages catered specifically to the services your offer. Studies show having more landing pages equate to more conversations. Conversations mean more money.

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