Top 3 Advertising Platforms for New Shopify Stores or Ecommerce Stores for 2020

Do you have a new Shopify store and don’t know where to begin getting sales? What are the best best shopify advertising platforms or ecommerce advertising platforms. If you run a new ecommerce store then you need to be advertising online to get any sort of traction. We have learned the hard way trying the many different avenues to advertise. Whether it is our own products to other company’s products, there are avenues out there to get sales but what is best for new ecommerce stores?

Selling Branded Products

If you are selling other people branded products then you have some avenues that others don’t have. How many people are selling Nike or Samsung? Many! The names like Nike and Samsung are synonymous with shoes and TVs. They have a name brand already so the uphill climb doesn’t include selling no name products.

If you are selling branded products. Pound for pound, the best type of advertising you can do is on Google Shopping or Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Yes, it will cost a decent amount of money per click but you are leveraging the fact that people searching for these products are ready to buy. No one browses Google shopping to learn about new products. They are going to Google shopping to compare prices and figure out where to buy from.

Can you sell non-branded or newly branded products on Google Shopping?

From our experience, it is extremely tough to do so. Most people that go on Google Shopping are searching for specific products to buy. If they were just researching products in general, they will most likely go to Google to do their initial research before buying.

If you’re starting a new brand is called “Greenway Clothes”, going to Google shopping isn’t going to make any sense. No one will be going there to search for it as no one has heard of it. You will get no clicks or you may be some erroneous clicks for golf goods. You need to build your brand up.

Where should you advertise for new Shopify stores that are non-branded or are just getting started?

There are really only 2 places to start if you have products like these: Facebook and Instagram. If you have an impulse buy and cater your product to the right audience, you can get sales but prepare to experiment on ad copy and images. There will be wasted money on these sort of experiments and it might come down to just a dud product.

Instagram is also a good place to get your brand some awareness and get some sales. There you can cater more of a younger crowd and build a story behind your products and brand using Instagram stories. If you want to take it step further, you can pay influencers to promote your product to their audiences. This usually can get some sales if your product has some relevance to what influencer’s audience. It has been shown to work for t-shirts from our end but it is not the be all end all as the audience is limited. Sales will dry out from our experience and it is really expensive.

So what is the best shopify advertising platforms to use for you to use? Regardless of what path you choose, you may get different results than we did. Just expect to spend a decent amount of money up front to test products and advertising. It can be very time consuming so sometimes it best to leave it to the pros. Use this guide as a guide from our own trials and tribulations. If you get different results, let us know!

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