How to Market Your Business – General Contractors Edition

If you are a general contractor like an electrician, Plumber or offer home services of any kind, you’re no doubt wondering how to beat the competition online. We’ll admit it, it’s not easy, and as an SEO & online marketing company we understand how frustrating things can get when trying to target localised keywords or phrases. But, we’re here to help, and there’s a lot more to marketing your general contractor business online then just generalized SEO.

Tips for Marketing Your Business Online – The General Contractors Guide to Success

No matter what home services you offer, every one of you needs to have an online presence. It is after all, 2019 and Google rules the world! Check out these mind-blowing stats below:

  • 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day. (Internet Live Stats)
  • The volume of Google searches grows by roughly 10% every year.
  • Every year, somewhere between 16% and 20% of Google searches are new—they’ve never been searched before.
  • 90% of searches made on desktops are done via Google. (Statista)
  • 35% of product searches start on Google. (eMarketer)

The above stats may be intimidating but it certainly has a story to tell. No matter what home services you offer, it is essential to stand out in a market with thousands of readily available companies. Regardless of if you’re in the plumbing, flooring, renovating, heating, cooling, landscaping, or storage business, you need to start focusing on your digital marketing efforts to get ahead in your industry.

So, let’s start with you and your online business – if you have a website, or social presence you have your own story to tell and you can start with images!

Start With Telling Your Story and Showcasing Your Work

Fixtures, new pipes, general maintenance and repair, or even home renos – showcasing your work will help you stand out in the crowd. Remember, we are talking about localized SEO, this is completely different then running an online business that brands globally. It is actually a bit easier to compete locally online as you can well imagine. With the right marketing company helping you generate leads, locally can even get a bit smaller.

Taking pictures of your work and posting on your websites blog and social media channels will help your experience get the notice it deserves; but remember, those images have to be strategically taken, with a good camera, good lighting and thoughtful poses. Here are some tips on taking the perfect images:

First things first, you got a good camera? – Obviously a good camera besides your mobile phone will help. If you have a professional camera, then we recommend using that instead of a mobile. You will want to zoom in and zoom out with settings that offer good contrast and even filters.

If you have a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung) then here are some great tips to help you out:

1. Use gridlines to balance your shot.

Turn on your camera’s gridlines – By turning on gridlines you will superimpose a series of lines on the screen. This is based on the “rule of thirds”, which is a photographic composition principle that says an image should be broken down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically.

According to this theory, if you place points of interest in these intersections or along the lines, your photo will be more balanced, level, and allow viewers to interact with it more naturally.

2. Set your camera’s focus.

You likely know that todays smartphones automatically focus, but not every image has an obvious subject to focus on. To adjust where you want your camera to focus, open your camera app and tap the screen where you want to sharpen the view.

3. Find different perspectives Take your photos Taking photos from a unique, unexpected angle can make them more memorable — it tends to create an illusion of depth or height with the subjects. It also makes the image stand out, since most mobile photos are taken either straight -on or from a bird’s eye view.

4. Play around with color blocking.

You’ve likely seen those awesomely cool images where everything is black and white except for one single object? Well guess what? There’s an app for that! One of our favorites is Touch Color — an app that automatically converts a picture to grayscale and lets you fill in the parts you want to colorize.

Color blocking can help to highlight the elements of a photo that you want to stand out, like a plant or something else with a bold hue. It achieves a similar goal as negative space, in that it can help a single subject stand out — but with color blocking, the photo’s other elements remain intact for a cohesive image.

5. Avoid zooming in.

When you take a photo from a distance, it’s tempting to zoom in on something specific you’re trying to capture. But it’s actually better not to zoom in — doing so can make the photo appear grainy, blurry, or pixelated.

Optimize Those Images and Get Them Online

If you’re tech-savvy, social media provides some unique opportunities for contractors. These days, many people use Facebook to get recommendations for service providers.

Your profile is more likely to be effective in getting you jobs if it includes a link to photos, contact information, and a reassuring professional online presence. That’s why a website and/or a Facebook page are valuable.

These can both help to build trust by showing a clear picture of your face, before and after photos of jobs you’ve done, and customer testimonials. Apps like Hootsuite and Facebook Pages Manager can help you stay on top of your social media presence even when you’re working on-site most of the day.

Outsource your Online Marketing

Why consider outsourcing your Online marketing needs? We’re so glad you asked!


A great website is just the start of your online marketing journey. Sure, you can have the best website every in the history of websites! But, how do you get it in front of your target audience? Using strong and proven search engine optimization tactics will help. SEO helps your contractor business rank highly in the search engine results pages. The goal is simply the #1 spot or even the top 3, but as long as you’re on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you’ll see the traffic stats go through the roof along with customers. If you’re unfamiliar with these tactics, make sure to hire a search engine optimization professional to help get the most out of your efforts.


Pay-per-click is a type of advertising that focuses on putting your advertisements in front of the right audience. Instead of paying for ad space, you’ll only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. This is perfect for general contractors like you, on a tight budget, but still want to make progress moving toward their business goals. If you aren’t sure how to properly run a PPC ad, hire a PPC management agency to help.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the perfect place to showcase your skills and expertise. It’s integral to the success of your business and offers an affordable, effective tool to reach new customers and strengthen your brand. While there are thousands of different social media platforms on the Internet today, creating a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn will be sufficient. Actively engage with your customers and if you need to do so, we can help.

You want to reach online marketing goals that pay off? We can help you. Get in touch with us today for your no obligation consult and quote.

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