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Behind Anchor Engine

Our Roots

Anchor Engine was spawned after nine years of working in the hospitality industry.  Working exclusively in online marketplaces we developed our expertise in digital marketing, locating existing and new customers while presenting products and services to them.

While our business was primarily providing furniture and equipment for a variety of clients including hotels, restaurants, and conventions, we realized that there is a vast void and need for marketing exposure for these industries.

In short, these industries were having trouble not only reaching their own customers but creating potential new customers.

We began to explore to see if others within similar industries had the same difficulty.  

From research it became apparent that clinics in spaces ranging from dentists, physical rehabilitation, to treating skin conditions had many commonalities that made it difficult for their specific business to get noticed in the digital landscape.

After consulting numerous businesses within these industries it became clear why so many were having trouble and why choosing Anchor Engine for their digital marketing is the solution.

Our Mission

It’s a triumph just to get your clinic off the ground.  Between administrative tasks and actually working with patients, you can lose focus on trying to improve and grow.  While it’s wise to have reserves in your bank account for emergencies, it is equally wise to invest for your business or clinic’s future.  The adage “it takes money to make money” becomes less of an eye-rolling cliche as you start to see your patient base thin out.  Without properly focusing today the only thing you risk is your future.

Because every client is different and every strategy needs to be as well.  We work in specific industries with clearly defined strategies for a reason.  After over a decade in marketing we have found our expertise thrives when trying to capture quality leads consistently for clinics that work with patients regularly.  We consult with our clients extensively prior to making any advertising money work for them.

How We Operate at Anchor Engine


The first, and most important step, is figuring out what is currently going on with your business and what your goals are.


Analyzing your data combined with our data we’ll make a blueprint that works specifically for your business locally or nationwide


We’ll pair that blueprint with customized tools, software, and methodology and prepare to launch.


Once everything is in place, we execute the plan and constantly monitor and adjust on the fly.  Feedback is paramount for success.

Leadership Team

Kyle P.

Strategy and Deployment

Pranay P.

Design and Development

David P.

Sales and Integration


Chicago Home Office

2111 W. Division St
Unit 3
Chicago, IL 60622

Corporate Headquarters & Mailing Address

738 East Dundee Rd
Suite 351
Palatine, IL 60074

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